ASANA DESIGN PROJECT BUREAU is dedicated to restaurant design. A design place for a restaurant, which combines all aspects of a restaurant’s life, its life cycle: concept, design and supply.

What is a restaurant concept? A restaurant concept is the idea or the general theme that defines the restaurant. The concepts include the design of your menu, the style of service, the decor of the dining room. the style of food. Many restaurants are designed based on the experiences or personal interests of a chef. Heritage, local ingredients, traditions or family are all sources of common inspiration for restaurant concepts.

! We are ready to help anyone looking for advice and solutions for their business, space or project. Our advice is aimed at all those who want to get the best result from their idea, even from a distance. With our many years of experience, we will accompany you in every phase of the design process, providing you with customized solutions and continuous support. Choose our online consultancy service for a fast, professional and high quality solution. Contact us now to book your consultation!








VISION: We create atmosphere We guarantee efficiency and savings We value your product We stimulate the purchase TARGETS Facilitate the service Promote consumption Reduce production times and costs Implement high technology and maximum efficiency CONCEPT LAYOUT The concept design is above all the style of the restaurant, consistent with Brand up to the dish served. The galaxy of styles is infinite, we operate a rationalization to achieve the objectives described. For example, we have developed restaurant concepts with these layouts

  • Minimal
  • Basic
  • Native
  • Glamor
  • Fashion
  • Fusion





Overall, the concept / design is around 10% of the total budget, the added value is the global expertise and assistance to the local designer. For the high-tech supply you will have the best Italian brands at the lowest prices

By what means?

We invest a lot in research, using local professionals through a network of architects around the world, using a universal language, we are determined to grasp the simplest, most reliable and guaranteed solutions

What does the concept design service include?

The concept develops around its concept book, a true manual for the architect, designer or interior decorator, includes:

  • Brand Storytelling Menu Preliminary draft List Supplies Book design Kitchen layout



The total costs of an architectural project is estimated at 10% of the total cost. ASANA provides the tools to the client and the architect to best develop the project. Concept costs are estimated at 1/3 of an architect’s project, equal to 3%. DISCOUNTS Discounts to be applied later after supply contract as per estimate


ASANA uses partners / partners for supplying works. 

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