With an approach based on problem solving, FENIX is a design consortium, organizer of full services.

By creating core teams dedicated to specific projects, these teams work as an extension of our client organizations.

We are an architecture firm comprised of a community of skilled professionals with diverse expertise and specialization in the procedural system of architecture. We design innovative concepts, creative formats, and efficient and sustainable building systems. Our vision is to create functional living and working environments that are aesthetically pleasing and respectful of the surrounding environment. With our wide range of skills, we are able to provide a comprehensive and personalized design service to meet the needs of our clients.

The BUREAU ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN is the place where architects, designers, designers, integrating with various consulting specialists, develops the ability to meet any design need in an immediate, efficient and responsible way.

Using a design process in which each phase is fully documented, examined and evaluated by the client, AEPB is able to provide a complete chronology of the development of a project and consequently a framework for the significant evaluation of the client’s objectives.

In addition to the architectural project and / or interior design.

AEPB offers the following services:


The organization is responsible for engineering of building production. From the calculation structural and geotechnical testing, from architectural design to run of the contract.

Accumulated experience we can provide important services for all phases of design, every artifact that relates to the human environment.

From the spoon to the city.

Availing himself from time to time of the best Italian and international experts, selected according to customer requirements.

The structure is supported by various organizations, universities, think tanks, human networks and lobby.

Coordinated by Architect Michele Giuliani, author of the best selling hand book of architecture in Italy.

The work will be carried out according to a logical process and simplified suited to meet the client.

The amount of construction work, accepted more than one million dollars (cost of construction).

The reference building market are the Middle East, Russia and Belarus.

The Real Estate is identified according to the net yield (6-10%), particularly in the USA, Italy, United Kingdom.


Studio Giuliani’s global retail design agency.

We work collaboratively with our clients to create retail environments that influence the rate at which consumers interact with brands.

If you are looking for a beginning to end the sales solution retail interior design, or a particular expertise in the strategy, design, implementation, design and deliver any retail environment, anywhere in the world.


Our engineers are engaged in the development of engineering solutions to meet the complex needs of our customers.

Engineering disciplines are: civil, electrical, mechanical, plant and structural engineering; as well as specialties such as advanced simulation, enterprise integration, integrated automation processes and interactive 3D and 4D modeling.

Many of our engineers are technical experts in their fields, and are leaders in the field of education.

We help our customers make thousands of projects from their formative Select phase to delivery and successful operation. Our ability to deliver safely and consistently large and small projects in a wide range of sectors and the environment, in line with our customers’ expectations, is testimony of our project delivery capabilities.

The teams that have projects have extensive and diverse experience, allowing them to:

– Designing the execution

– Run the project


To ensure that the process, we use:

skilled technicians to manage the efficiency and technical integrity of the project

Practices such as reviews of simplifying processes, value engineering and constructability to maximize value

Team with experience with a working knowledge deep within their respective industries to prepare best-fit execution strategies of the contract

Benchmarking the cost and time to provide estimates of capital and operating costs probabilistic and calendars

– Run the project

Following the project mobilizes a Excutive project team to support the contractor, with training both in Italy and on site.

Our global capacity to carry out projects for clients who face a number of challenges, including tight schedules, remote sites and logistically constrained and environmental considerations or unique and innovative technology.

Throughout the run, our teams provide our customers with support that extends from detailed engineering to the complete engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) and project management consultancy services ( PMC).

Our experience allows us to:

Quickly establish projects and align our teams with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders

Develop adequate health, safety and environmental strategies tailored to meet the needs of the project

Workshare effective, drawing on our global team to identify and allocate the most appropriate resources, regardless of location

Keep schedules complete projects and progress appropriately tiered reporting structures to ensure the project status is always transparent

Implement effective processes for effective change management

Ensure timely engineering integration with our full range of construction capabilities and global supply completions

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